The Utility Assistance Program offers year-round emergency financial assistance to assist lower-income energy customers better manage their bill payments and energy costs.  Through various governmental, corporate and private funds we are able to assist

Our programs provide financial help as well as avocation between the client and utility with water, hydro and gas arrears. Each client receives help from a worker to establish what amount of assistance they are eligible for as well as how they can take responsibility and pay their bills in the future.

If you or someone you know needs this emergency service please have them contact us at 905-871-1592 ext 24 to set up an appointment with an Intake Worker.

What Help is Available?

Emergency Financial Assistance

Lower-income households in Fort Erie can receive assistance with gas & electricity arrears in the amount necessary to maintain or reconnect service through the LEAP (Low Income Energy Assistance Program) or NEEF (Niagara Emergency Energy Fund).  Water account arrears can be assisted with approximately 40% of the overall amount owed.

Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP) Applications

If you receive a Canadian Niagara Power bill, in your name, and are in a lower-income home, you may qualify for a  monthly credit applied directly to your bill.  The credit amount will depend on how many people live in your home and your combined household income.  If you haven't filed your income tax, have a recent change in your income, aren't comfortable with computers or would just like assistance, our Intake Worker is able to file an application on your behalf.  We are also able to file renewals after a move or once expired.

Who Do I Contact?

For help with Enbridge Gas accounts

LEAP Enbridge at United Way Greater Simcoe County
1-855-487-LEAP (or 1-855-487-5327)
Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30am to 4:00pm

For help with Canadian Niagara Power or Town of Fort Erie Water accounts & OESP Applications

The Salvation Army - Fort Erie
905-871-1592 ext 24


More Info

For more information about low income customer service rules and regulations with utilities please visit the Ontario Energy Board.